5 Best Wood For Spear Shaft – 2022 Buying Guide

Best Wood For Spear Shaft

To start, you need to choose the right woods. Each type of wood has its own characteristics and benefits. For example, if you’re going to use a spear shaft, you want to look for a hardwood that’s strong, dense, and resistant to bending. Unfortunately, the hardest and heaviest wood to find is ebony, so if you can’t find ebony, try using blackwood or hickory.

There are other factors to consider. You’ll also want to make sure that you pick the right length. A longer spear shaft allows you to get closer to the target, but at a greater risk of breaking, especially when you’re using a lighter spear. On the other hand, a shorter spear shaft allows you to reach farther away, but you’re less likely to break the shaft or hit the target.

Here’s the skinny on wood shafts, plus tips for picking the best type of wood.

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Rubbermaid Spear Shaft Wood Handle with TapeRed Tip

76" Smooth Martial Art Practice Training Staff

Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Attack Shaft

Condor Tool & Knife, Yari Spear Paracord Handle with Sheath

Reproduction Roman Javelin Pilum Spear Medieval Costume Accessories Brown

1. Rubbermaid Commercial Sanded Wood Handle with TapeRed Tip

  • The broom handle has a tapered tip for use with a street broom head
  • The handle’s sanded finish offers a smooth grip
  • Use indoors or outdoors to remove heavy dirt and debris from floors, porches, decks, driveways, sidewalks, and other outdoor surfaces
  • The wood handle is heavier than typical polymer or metal handles and is better suited for use outdoors
  • 60 inches long; Made in the USA

2. 76″ Smooth Martial Art Practice Training Staff

  • 76″ overall 1.25″ diameter on the thick end 3/4″ on the thin. 3.5″ circumference in the middle of the staff
  • Smooth finish, natural wax wood
  • New shipment with Improved overall thickness and weight. Comes to shrink-wrapped OR hand wrapped for transit.
  • NOTE: tapered as shown in the photo. each staff may be different due to nature
  • Waxwood staves are flexible. Some bending might happen during transit. They can be straightened with ease.

3. Burd Wood Works Hickory Lacrosse Attack Shaft

4. Condor Tool & Knife Paracord Handle with Sheath

  • Blade length: 14-1/2in, overall length: 64-1/2in, blade thickness: 0.10in
  • Constructed of 1075 high carbon steel, heat-treated and annealed to 50-55 Rockwell C scale
  • Heavy black powder epoxy coating completes the tactical look
  • This handle is made of burnt American ash making it strong while also giving Spears and axes an ancient look
  • The sheath included is high quality, heavy-duty, and handcrafted leather

5. Reproduction Roman Javelin Pilum Spear Medieval Costume Accessories Brown

  • An Ancient Roman Javelin. Steel Pars are Blackened for Authenticity
  • Features a Tall, Thin Penetrative Tip. Possesses a Hardwood Pole for Carrying and Throwing
  • This roman Pilum is forged with a carbon steel point affixed to a hardwood shaft with steel but spike. Looks Great with Roman Soldier Costumes and Ensembles. A Fantastic Decorative Piece or Display Item
  • This replica Roman Pilum has a piercing head of iron which is mounted into a hardwood shaft and finished with an iron butt cap.
  • The Classic Roman Pilum was used by soldiers of the Roman Empire, proving to be effective in fighting off enemy attacks. Based on the historically authentic design, this is a high-quality reproduction perfect for reenactments, costumes, and collections.

Final Thought

We recommend the use of hardwoods, specifically Western Red Cedar. This is because it is highly resistant to rot, has a beautiful finish, and is naturally resistant to warping. However, a lot of other woods have different qualities that make them better than red cedar for spear shafts.

We also recommend that the best wood for a spear shaft is one that is a natural color and does not contain any chemicals or preservatives. Again, this is because natural wood is already resistant to rot.

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