How to Wedge a Hammer Handle (4 Step Guide)

How to Wedge a Hammer Handle

So your loose hammer handle is giving you a hard time fixing it? You tried other methods like soaking it into the water for days, and it still doesn’t work? If yes, wedging is a more effective method that will make the handle stay tight for a long time.

In this article, we’ll teach you, step-by-step, how to wedge a hammer handle with metal and/or wooden one. This will help secure your hammer handle and make it safe and easy for you to use again.

How to Install a Wedge on Hammer Handle – Step by Step Guide

This guide applies to you, whether you’re fixing a damaged hammer handle that has become loose or making a hammer handle replacement.

Things You’ll Need for this Job:

  • wedges (you can use wooden or steel wedges or both)
  • vice or clamps
  • 1/2-inch wide chisel
  • wood glue
  • a hammer

Steps to Follow:

For this guide, we’ll focus on the wooden wedge. You can make a custom wedge or get one from your local hardware store.

Step 1. Put Your Hammer into Position

Firstly, you need to set up your hammer in a position that makes it easy for you to work on its handle. You can use the vice or clamps to hold down your hammer. Make sure it’s well secured in place, with no movement. This ensures easy wedging.

Step 2. Chisel Down the Adze Eye

Next, grab that ½-inch wide chisel and use it to dig as deep as possible into your hammer’s adze eye. Take the chisel out, turn it around, and drive it right into your handle again. This should leave you with a slot where you can effortlessly shove in your wooden wedge.

Step 3. Glue it

Apply your wood glue to the slot that you just made in the previous step with your chisel to ensure it sticks well to your wooden handle. Glue the wooden wedge too to ensure better wedding results further.

Step 4. Drive Down the Wedge

At this point, you have everything ready, including the glued slot and wedge. And all that’s remaining is to drive the wedge right into its place. Be sure to push in the wedge as deep as possible for a tight and secure fit.

And that’s it! If you follow these simple steps, you should turn your wobbly or shaky hammer handle into a tight and secure one, and you should be able to use it safely again.

What if You’re Using Steel Wedges

You can choose to use metal wedges instead of wooden ones for your hammer handle. In this case, the installation process will be easier because there are fewer steps to follow.

You simply need to secure your hammer in place with vices or clamps so that the top faces up to enable you to easily work on it.

Then, drive the steel wedge as deep as possible into the hammer handle by striking it with another hammer.

NOTE: When using a metal wedge, make sure it goes parallel to the existing wooden wedge. This will help curb splitting your wooden handle and damaging it.

Pro Tip: Use Both Metal and Wood Wedges 

If you want to make your handle super-tight, you may consider using both types of wedges on your hammer.

As shared by a user in the hammer wedges Screwfix community, this part will involve driving in the wooden wedge along the line of the hammerhead to push the handle out sideways.

This is followed by adding metal wedges to form a dead-tight handle fit. Check out this video on using these two types of wedges correctly.


You don’t have to throw away your loose, damaged hammer handle and replace it with a new one. This guide has just outlined the key steps you need to follow to make your handle tight. The guide also applies when replacing your hammer handle to ensure it fits tight for safe and easy use.

Follow these steps on how to wedge a hammer handle, and you’ll have a hammer with a super-tight handle.

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