What Circular Saw Blade for Plywood?

what circular saw blade for plywood

In order to make a circle, you need a saw that has a blade that rotates continuously around the same point.

Circular saw blades are an essential tool for any woodworker. Choosing the right blade for your project is important. So consider the type of cut you’ll be making and the material you’re working with. Crosscut blades are best for cutting plywood and other medium-density boards, while rotary blades are best for cutting hardwoods. Fixed blades work well on both types of materials but are less versatile.

There are three basic types of circular saw blades for plywood:

Crosscut Circular Saw Blade

Most of the time, circular saw blades have four teeth. If you want a higher power and faster speed, you should consider buying the crosscut circular saw blades. There are two crosscut circular saw blades: the 4 teeth and the 6 teeth. The 4 tooth crosscut blades are the most common ones.

They are cheaper than the 6 tooth blades and have lower quality. The 6 tooth blades have more teeth. They are more expensive, but they last longer.

Fixed Blade Circular Saw Blade

Fixed blade circular saw blades work by having a blade. That pivots around a fixed point in the middle of the blade. The cutting edge of the saw blade is constantly moving as it spins. This type of saw blade is typically used for making circles with a small radius (1/4″-1/2″).

Fixed blade circular saws work well for most applications, such as making decorative patterns in the wood. But are not recommended for cutting thin strips, such as decorative molding.

Rotary Blade Circular Saw Blade

In a rotary blade, a circular saw blade is attached to the spinning motor that runs the saw. This type of saw has a fixed blade that is set on a cutting table. Which allows the blade to rotate around the same point as the table.

Because this type of saw is used for cutting larger radii. It is usually more powerful than the fixed blade circular saw. Therefore, rotary blade circular saws are not recommended for smaller radius cuts.

Which is Best for Plywood?

When choosing a circular saw blade for plywood, you must consider the diameter of the radius cut. The material being cut, and the cutting speed.

For example, a circular saw blade with a radius of 1/4″ would create a square cut. A 1/4″ radius circular saw blade is a good option for small cuts, such as cutting decorative molding. As the saw blade is much smaller than the radius of the cut.

However, a rotary blade circular saw is recommended for large radius cuts. For example, a 1/2″ radius cut is best made with a rotary blade circular saw. Because the cutting table allows the blade to rotate 360 degrees around the same point. As opposed to the fixed blade circular saw, where the blade pivots around a fixed point.

However, with medium radius cuts, crosscut blades are best for cutting plywood.

Circular saws are available in either a fixed or rotary blade style. A fixed blade circular saw is the most effective for small radius cuts. But for large radius cuts, the rotary blade circular saw is the best choice.

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