What Color is Cedar Wood – Is It Really Red

What Color is Cedar Wood

Most people believe that cedar wood is red. But there are many other colors in the world of wood!

Cedar is a type of hardwood tree that grows in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. However, cedar is most commonly found in western North America, in places such as Oregon, California, British Columbia, and Washington. Cedarwood comes from two types of trees: one is a deciduous tree, and the other is an evergreen tree.

The deciduous tree lives for three to five years. After the leaves fall off, it dies. This makes the wood turn from green to yellow-brown. The evergreen tree lives for 20 years or more.

Evergreen trees are the most valuable kind of wood in the world. Evergreen trees grow in areas with little or no winter snowfall.

When people cut down a tree, they leave the dead parts of the trunk behind. This is called a stump.

You can identify the color of the wood of your cedar stump by looking at the cross-section. You’ll notice that the wood is darker in the center and lighter towards the edges.

In the center, where the wood is the lightest, the tree has grown longer and is stronger. However, the outer edges of the wood are darker because it has been through shorter growth cycles.

The color of cedar wood varies depending on the age and location of the tree. There are some very dark red cedar trees. However, these are uncommon and expensive.

What Color is Cedar Wood – Red, Brown, or Gray

Cedar wood is usually pinkish-red or reddish brown. It is called “red” cedar because of the reddish tint of the wood. However, it is a combination of browns and greys.

Browns tend to have a golden or orange hue to them. Greys are the lightest shade of brown. Grey cedar wood is used to make pencils and crayons. It is also a popular painting.

The reddish tones of the cedar wood are caused by the iron and manganese in the wood. It is also why wood can be so durable.

Cedar is an extremely versatile wood. It is used to make things like decking, fencing, furniture, and musical instruments. It is also used for building homes, decks, and fences in North America.

Cedarwood is often called the “king of woods.” It is the strongest and longest-lasting of all hardwoods.


Cedar wood is not always red. It can be a light, golden, or even auburn color depending on the species of cedar and the weather conditions it’s been exposed to. So, if you’re looking for a true red cedar, you’ll have to look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a natural and attractive wood option, cedar is definitely worth considering.

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