What Type of Oil Does a Craftsman Lawn Mower Take?

SAE-30 Oil to Use for Lawn Mower

The ideal motor oil for Craftsman lawnmowers is SAE 30 for optimal performance. However, in climates above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the most recommended oil grade is SAE 10W-30, with an approximately 18-20 Oz capacity. SAE 5W-30 is preferred for colder climates due to its low viscosity, which improves cold starting.

What Oil to Use for Craftsman Lawn Mower Engines?

Craftsman lawnmowers are typically powered by either a 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine. Each engine type requires specific oil to operate optimally.

4-Stroke Engines

Craftsman lawnmowers with 4-stroke engines need SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 oil. SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers, and the number 30 or 10W-30 indicates the viscosity of the oil. SAE 30 is suitable for warmer temperatures, while 10W-30 works well in a broader range of temperatures.

2-Stroke Engines

For Craftsman lawnmowers with 2-stroke engines, a mix of gasoline and 2-stroke oil is required. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to achieve the correct fuel-to-oil ratio. Typically, a 50:1 or 40:1 mixture is common for 2-stroke engines.

Types of Oil Suitable for Craftsman Lawn Mowers

Craftsman lawnmowers typically use two types of oil:

1. SAE-30

SAE-30 is a monograde oil, meaning it has a single viscosity rating. It is suitable for warmer temperatures and is a common choice for lawnmowers used in moderate to hot climates. This type of oil provides adequate lubrication during the hot summer months when lawnmowers are used more frequently.

2. 10W-30

10W-30 is a multi-grade oil, offering different viscosity levels depending on the temperature. The “10W” indicates the oil’s viscosity in cold weather, while “30” represents its viscosity in hot weather. This makes 10W-30 a versatile choice that works well in various climates. It provides good lubrication during both cold starts and hot summer days.

Checking the Oil Level

Before starting your Craftsman lawn mower, it’s essential to check the oil level. Low oil levels can cause engine damage and lead to expensive repairs. Follow these simple steps to check the oil level:

  1. Park the mower on a level surface.
  2. Wait a few minutes after running the engine to allow the oil to settle.
  3. Locate the oil fill cap and remove it.
  4. Wipe the dipstick clean and insert it back into the oil fill tube.
  5. Remove the dipstick and check the oil level. It should be between the “Full” and “Add” marks on the dipstick.

How to Change the Oil in Your Craftsman Lawn Mower?

Appropriately changing the oil in your Craftsman lawn mower is vital for engine health. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth oil change process:

Prepare the Mower: Park the lawn mower on a flat surface and allow the engine to cool down before attempting to change the oil. This prevents accidental burns and ensures that the oil drains properly.

Locate the Oil Drain Plug: Look for the oil drain plug beneath the mower’s deck. It is usually a hexagonal nut or a square fitting.

Drain the Old Oil: Place an oil pan or container under the drain plug and unscrew it counterclockwise. Allow the old oil to drain completely.

Replace the Oil Filter (if applicable): Some Craftsman lawnmowers have an oil filter that needs to be changed regularly. If your mower has one, remove the old filter and replace it with a new, compatible one.

Add New Oil: Refer to your Craftsman lawn mower’s manual to find the recommended oil capacity and type. Slowly pour the new oil into the oil fill port.

Check the Oil Level: Use the dipstick to ensure the oil level is at the appropriate mark. Avoid overfilling the oil, as it can lead to engine damage.

Dispose of Old Oil Properly: It’s crucial to dispose of old oil responsibly. Many local recycling centers accept used motor oil for proper disposal.


How much oil do you put in a Craftsman lawn mower?

Craftsman lawnmowers typically require about 20-24 fluid ounces of oil for their engine. However, it’s crucial to consult the specific model’s manual for precise instructions on oil capacity and type. Overfilling or underfilling the oil can lead to performance issues, so follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.

What kind of oil do lawnmowers take?

Lawnmowers typically use SAE 30 motor oil. It’s a standard viscosity grade suitable for small engines. Always refer to the lawnmower’s manual to ensure you use the correct oil type and change it regularly for optimal performance and longevity.

Is 10W-30 the same as SAE 30?

No, 10W-30 is not the same as SAE 30. The “10W-30” refers to multi-grade motor oil with a viscosity suitable for both cold starts (W stands for winter) and high temperatures. On the other hand, “SAE 30” is a single-grade oil with a fixed viscosity rating, typically used in warmer climates or older engines.

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